Thera Cane Massager

The Thera Cane Massager makes it easy for one to be relieved of tense muscles with its six treatment balls that are attached to the projections that make the shape of a cane. The balls will be able to break up any of the tense muscles targeted thus allowing the user to achieve a better range of motion and improved circulation. It’s easy to use and will be able to provide you comfort without having to hire a professional masseuse. This product comes with a 14 paged manual. Weighing at 2 pounds and measuring 24 by 15 by 1 inches (W x H x D), this is the perfect treat for a tough day from work or play.

Thera Cane Massager Review:

Hundreds of people went online to give their reviews on this product. Less than 450 rated it and out of a possible score of 5, it received a 4.7. Read on to learn more about what customers had to say about this product.

Hundreds of the customers gave this massager a perfect score of 5. One of the things that they liked about it was the fact that it was lightweight yet sturdy. Other customers thought that it was a perfect tool in relieving muscles because the balls were able to hit problems areas. One reviewer went on to say that it worked great since he was able to apply and keep pressure while rubbing his body part. It was noted to get rid of knots in the muscles with just the right amount of pressure. Reviewers also found that it wasn’t difficult to use since they were able to reach targeted places. This “odd” looking massager was noted by numerous reviewers to be effective. People from all walks of life have come to appreciate this product whether they received their aches and pains due to stressful jobs or from playing a sport they love. The price was worth its value said one customer who used this after finding that trips to the chiropractor weren’t helping relieve her pains.

Only a handful of people, compared to the hundreds who gave it a perfect score, had issues regarding this massager. A sports enthusiast found that it was not able to relieve him of any aches especially when he found that it took him a long time just to relieve himself of one knot. He stated that this was not “aggressive” enough for him. Others could not understand why this product was priced so and therefore did not recommend it to be bought either. Some reviewers compared it to other products that they bought and found that this didn’t work as well in removing their pain.

Even though there were some issues brought up regarding this massager, it is still a recommended buy when one looks at how it has changed the life and received a perfect score from more than 300 reviewers. This is definitely a recommended buy for those who are looking to be relieved from intense knots and pains all over their body.

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