Sharper Image Quad Roller Dual-Action Shiatsu Massage Cushion

The Sharper Image Quad Roller Dual-Action Shiatsu Massage Cushion might be the first thing you want to carry with you on your travels with its easy to carry bag. You don’t want to leave this massager behind so that you it’s on hand when you want to remove any tense knots in your back or you just simply want to enjoy a massage to relax. This has 6 programs with heat that will address your back problems. You can choose to have a shiatsu or use the 4 rollers that will go up and down your back. Another great feature is its Perfect Fit which will allow you to set the massages in relation to your back and height. A remote comes with this so that you can have it the way you want. Item is under model MSG-C210C.

Sharper Image Quad Roller Dual-Action Shiatsu Massage Cushion Review:

There were less than 60 customers that reviewed this massage chair. This item earned an average customer rating of 3.7 out of a possible 5. It must be noted that over 50% of the customers individually gave this a high score of 5 and 4.

Many customers thought that the massaging of this unit was very powerful and loved it right away. Several of them shared how it was able to penetrate into their back areas and just provide them with a great experience. One customer who bought this and later brought it to the hospital allowed other members to try it. One of the great things that he noted was that it could be adjusted to fit a certain individual and even implied that this was better than getting a manual massage. Another reviewer shared that this definitely was not one of those massagers that just vibrate. This customer was satisfied and liked how solid it felt, the quality of it as well as the feature of a spot massage. Several customers commented that this was definitely worth their money.

This massager did have a few drawbacks as experienced by some customers. One customer shared that this massager was not able to penetrate into the areas that she had set it to be. On top of that, she was not relaxed by this item as its massaging hurt. She commented that the rolling was very hard and did not recommend this to others. Another customer also pointed out that the padding seemed too thin which is the reason why it hurt so much.

There are conflicting opinions on this item. However, given the fact that more than 50% of the customers thought highly of this, we believe that this could be a good tool to have in order to relieve yourself of back pain without having to pay a lot just to go for physical therapy. Although nothing can replace going to the doctors, this might be a good way for self soothing in times when your back hurts most. We recommend this product.

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