New Thumper Sport Percussive Massager with Free Educational DVD

The New Thumper Sport Percussive Massager with Free Educational DVD is a good buy for those who want to be relieved of their stiff and muscle pains. This massager provides deep tissue massage which will give its user the benefits of relieved muscle pains, toned muscles, and also help increase the better functioning of body organs and glands. It also improves blood circulation. It’s made of high quality and comes with different massage heads for your preference. Consumers can also take control of the speed of this hand held massager ranging from 20 to 40 hertz. This also comes with a free educational DVD so that you can learn the ways to make the most out of this buy.

New Thumper Sport Percussive Massager with Free Educational DVD Review:

There are many people who need to be relieved of stiff and tense muscles. Others like to keep a massager handy for relaxation and to enjoy the other benefits of a massage. Those who have reviewed this product can it a score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Some of the reviews on this product are stated below.

First of all, on the positive side, this massager is praised by many users because of its ability to untie knots and remove stiffness in their muscles. One reviewer bought his own after he went to the therapist who used this massager on him. Another sports athlete liked it so much because it removed the knots in her calves and worked well with her other aching body parts. Some reviewers who have used Thumper have enjoyed the way it penetrates into their muscles. It is heavy enough so that the pressure hits the target areas that it is applied onto. It can even massage even the smaller parts of the body; one reviewer mentioned how he used it to help alleviate the pain felt by his wife who has carpal tunnel. Some reviewers were surprised by the power of the Thumper and don’t even put it to the maximum level. Another highlight is that it is well built and works quietly.

If there are pros, there are cons as well. On the downside, some reviewers thought that this massager was not powerful enough unlike the reviewers as stated above. They compared it to the other brands that they previously bought and thought that this did not deliver enough action for them to be relieved of. In addition, one reviewer commented that the nubs of the Thumper were shorter which was why he had some difficulty using it. He found that his hair would get caught in between the nubs when used on his head.

It does have the power to relieve aching muscles or knots. If you’re interested in relieving some muscle spasms instantly, this is still a good buy. Although the positive and negative reviews are truly opposites in terms of the power and ability of the Thumper to relieve muscle pain, it still earned more positive reviews; thus it is still a recommended buy.

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