HT Massage Chair

The HT Massage Chair with model iJoy-2580 is a comfortable chair that can recline so that you can take a power nap while getting an invigorating massage. This has 3 massage programs and has a built in control panel. The massage softening pad can be removed at your wish and it has an auxiliary power outlet. This is a powerful tool to remove the worries and stress that your body took for the day.

HT Massage Chair Review:

Only a handful of people reviewed this item. Less than 10 customers scored it individually which made an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5.

A happy husband bought this for his wife. He found that it had a great effect on her as after a massage she would be relieved of her stress and bad mood. He also shared that because he bought this product he is convinced that his wife loves him more. He loves it as well and found it better than the other massagers in the market. He noted that this was at a reasonable price and even better functioning than upscale massagers that he has tried. This gives a great massage for the lower back as well. Another reviewer bought this for his in laws and found the chair to be comfortable. One reviewer also mentioned that this might be better suited for women and “midgets”. This reviewer was happy that his wife was satisfied by the function. One customer who has had this chair since 2003 still enjoy its massaging which speaks of its durability. A user was also happy that it massaged quietly and found that the leather was of good quality.

This massager did have some low points according to some of the reviewers. One reviewer commented that this will not do well in targeting areas of the upper back if the user is over 6 feet tall. It would be unwise to sit yourself in a weird position just to be able to enjoy a massage but further injuring yourself. In addition, he noted that the farther up the massagers go the less effective they seem to be. Another reviewer also suggested that it seems to be a bit too big especially if you have a smaller house. This reviewer mentioned that it might have been better to remove the armchairs since they did not do anything.

This chair has many satisfied customers. However, as we can see in the reviews, many of them suggested that it be for smaller sized people. This may be the best massager if you’re not that tall yet in need of a powerful relaxing massage. On the other hand, husbands will also benefit from this knowing that their wives are happy. The average customer rating is also high at a 4.2. We believe that this will be a useful tool for individuals who would like to massage away their stress and it doubles as a great quality piece of furniture. This is a recommended buy.

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