Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion with Heat

The Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion with Heat will allow you to enjoy a great massage at home without having to step out of your door! This item gives you the option to choose between having a shiatsu, rolling, or spot massage. One of the great features is that it also heated which adds greater comfort and helps relax those tight muscles. You can even have dual massages such as shiatsu and rolling. Your shoulders and back will love what this can do for it. The cushion will fit most chairs allowing you to have the freedom to bring it with you to put on your office chair or even on your favorite chair in front of the television. This is under model SBM-500H. Buyers will enjoy a two year warranty.

Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion with Heat Review:

There were hundreds who reviewed this item. It was given feedback by less than 250 customers. The average customer rating that it received was a 4.0 out of 5. Out of all the customers who reviewed it, almost half of them gave it a perfect score of 5. There were only 47% who scored it this way. The other reviewers took off some points.

Many customers liked this massager and thought that this was worth their money. Numerous customers either bought this for themselves or loved ones who especially suffered from back pains. A customer liked it because the massaging was really able to cover his whole back. At 5’6 feet this cushion was still able to fit his body just right. Another mentioned that her friend no longer needed to take that many painkillers because of this product and after using it just for 20 minutes, her friend would feel that her back relaxed and was “new” again. A satisfied customer was happy that the massages were so powerful.

Some did not like this massage chair. A few complained that they were not able to experience a good massage especially in their shoulder areas because they were either too short or had a shorter upper back. Another also reported that the massages didn’t run through the whole cushion since there was a spot between the upper and lower rollers which just didn’t provide massaging. This reviewer needed to move his body in certain ways so that the massagers would be able to cover his whole spine. A customer shared that this wasn’t a good item to buy if consumers were looking into buying a massager that would cover the whole back area.

With this item, you don’t need to spend a lot of time setting it up just to get a great back massage. You can simply put it on top of your chair wherever you may be. We believe that this is a good item to buy for those struggling with back pains. One of the best things about this item is that it is backed by a two year warranty. This item is highly recommended.

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