Homedics Massage Chair

Buying any large household-use item will almost automatically result in a brand name popping out: for example, you will likely have your favorite brand of TV, refrigerator, washing machine, or any other household appliance. The same may be said with massagers, particularly massage chairs, which require a greater cash investment in the first place. After all, you will likely not want to spend your money on something that may not be reliable or may not last a long while.

For massagers and massage chairs, the Homedics brand is one of the most trusted. Various customer reviews for massagers have rated Homedics products among the highest in terms of star-ratings, and also gave them good comments qualitatively. What are the common findings of the Homedics brand of massage chairs and cushions?

  1. Comfort and relaxation – The Homedics brand of massage chairs and cushions have been commended for the comfort and relaxation level they give the users. They have found that, no matter what type of massage the cushion is designed to give, they can enjoy having their tight muscles relaxed and loosened.
  2. Numerous features – Some Homedics massage cushions come with several features, such as the Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion with Heat. It allows you to choose between a spot, rolling, or shiatsu massage, or a combination of these options. It also even comes with an added heat feature, which is confirmed to add to the relaxation effect. Other massage cushions by Homedics also come with the option of having heat added, as it indeed helps with relaxing tired muscles. One customer even describes the heat function as making him so relaxed that he sometimes can just almost fall asleep while on it!
  3. Good fit – A massage chair that is found to be very effective may still be limited if the fit is not right for most users. The “fit” is highly dependent on the width and depth of the massage chair seat: if the chair seat is too deep, it means that those of average or possibly less-than-average height will have trouble enjoying the full benefits. If the chair seat is too shallow, on the other hand, those with taller heights may also have trouble relaxing fully. The customer consensus of the great fit with Homedics cushions indicates that the company has effectively researched the best possible width and depth of its seats, allowing the users to enjoy the massages on the entire area where they need it. Of course, there are still some reviewers who complain about the massagers only hitting a certain body part, but it is possible that they have bought defective units or their body structure just is not of the average type, wherein they are not able to get the maximum benefits from the massager.
  4. Portable – Homedics massage cushions are commended for being highly portable. Although, of course, the same can likely not be said for Homedics massage chairs, there are more options available for the cushion format and it is also much more affordable: when you install it on an existing lazy chair or your car seat, you can still enjoy the same quality massage anyway, at a much lesser price! Plus, you get the added perk of being able to bring it with you anywhere. For example, the Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion, which comes in several model numbers, is commended for even coming with a bag that makes it extremely easy to take the cushion anywhere, allowing you to use it even in the middle of a busy day in the office! Given the comfort and relaxation level that this brand of massagers is known for, you will definitely love the idea of being able to take it with you to work!

Given these benefits that you can get from a Homedics massage chair or cushion, you will likely find it to be a great choice for your personal use or for giving away as a present. Be sure to understand, though, that enjoyment of a massager remains to be a highly subjective experience, as there are many factors to consider, such as body structure, body type, and personal preference in terms of pressure and relaxation. With this in mind, you can take the brand into serious consideration but ultimately, the final decision is yours and yours alone to make.