Conair Body Benefits Heated Massaging Heat Cushion

The Conair Body Benefits Heated Massaging Heat Cushion is easy to manage with its remote control and strapping system that will be able to lock itself to most chairs. You will be able to enjoy four massages especially targeted in the upper back, lumbar, and thighs. This is a simple massager which will give you great benefits. It features a heating system that you can enjoy while sitting in its cushioned lumbar areas. This product comes with a home adapter.

Conair Body Benefits Heated Massaging Heat Cushion Review:

Customers gave this an average customer rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. There were 35 customers to date that reviewed this item and only 37% of them thought the best of it and gave it 5 stars.

A reviewer who had undergone three spinal surgeries found that this was the best massage chair. He liked it for different reasons such as it being soft and that the massagers were put in places which could easily target the cervical spine, lumbar, and scapular regions. This reviewer thought that this was a better buy and had better performance than other massagers he had in the past which were more expensive. Another reviewer liked it because it helped her relax. This reviewer found that it was effective in massaging her shoulders and lower back. The vibration can be set to a desired level and she found that the heat really helped in removing tense and stiff muscles. Getting this massager was indeed a great way to pamper herself. There were others who also loved the heat that this product provided as one girlfriend shared that her partner was relieved of sore neck every time he uses it. A customer who has experienced owning other massagers thought that this was a good deal for the money.

There were some drawbacks for this massage chair. One commented that it was a little bit noisy. Others found that the massaging for them wasn’t effective since it wasn’t strong enough. A few commented that it only vibrated but nothing more. A reviewer reported that it only massages the lower back and not the other areas. This same reviewer also found that the heat wasn’t strong either and described it only to be slightly warm. Many reviewers did not recommend this and implied that it is cheaply priced because it does not have a lot to offer.

If you are looking for an inexpensive massager that you can easily set up at home, office, or elsewhere, this might be the right one for you. There were many strong reviews from customers that were relieved of back pain due to this product which we also believe can do for you. Even though it didn’t receive such a high average customer rating, we believe that its price and its function balances out therefore giving you your money’s worth. This is a recommended buy for people who struggle with back pain and want an inexpensive tool to help relieve it on stressful and tense days.

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