Comfort Products Heated Massage Recliner and Ottoman

The Comfort Products Heated Massage Recliner and Ottoman under code 60-0582 could be just what you need to relax your legs and back. This chair has 3.25 inches of thick cushion covered by simulated leather in the color of black. It can recline and this comes with a hand controller with the option to choose between 10 motors. In addition, for that extra comfort and relaxation, you have the option to enjoy a heated massage. You can put this chair anywhere you please, even at your office desk! Working would never be so good without this chair.

Comfort Products Heated Massage Recliner and Ottoman Review:

Only 15 people reviewed this product. After scoring it individually, the average customer rating came out of to be 3.9 out of 5 stars. Less than half of the customers gave it a high score of 5. It only totaled 46% of the customers. The others saw fit to give lower scores.

This massager was definitely worth the money for some of the customers. Many of them were pleased at the price and the performance that it gave off. Others also noted that the shipping was very fast. A customer shared that it was very easy to set up and found it very comfortable to sit in and was very relaxing. A reviewer shared that the massaging was good and the ottoman also did an excellent job when it came to massaging calf muscles. This chair was easy to operate reported a reviewer. One child bought it for her parents who fell in love with it right away. Many reviewers noted that the price was reasonable.

Some customers complained against this massage chair. A few of them noticed that it made a noisy sound when it worked. One customer also shared that she could not feel the massage indicated in the remote control but perhaps it was due to her small size. However, another customer also felt the same way when the identified thigh massage actually massaged his calf. Some also felt that the chair was not very comfortable to sit in because it was somewhat “stiff” as one reviewer described it. Many others complained that even if this came at a cheap price it was still not worth it because the massaging just didn’t work. Even if there were different settings, one customer reported that all the chair really does is vibrate.

Although there were satisfied customers, we think that this might not be the best massage chair for its price. There are other better available massagers in the market. We can also see that many more customers also specifically pinpointed reasons why they did not like this chair. Although we can see that some did like this chair, majority of them seemed to just have an average level of satisfaction for this massager. We do not recommend this chair because it cannot be consistently seen in the reviews reasons why this chair would make a great buy.

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