Best Massage Chair

Choosing the best massage chair is not only a bit more complicated than, say, choosing seating furniture like sofa sets, it is also a highly personal matter. After all, one person’s preferences for a relaxing massage may not be exactly the same as another buyer’s, so there does not seem to be any real standards to set for massage chair buyers.

However, there are still certain factors that need to be considered when looking for the best massage chairs for your need. Since you will be the person who will be using the massage chair and who will need to have his expectations met, listed below are the things you can look into, deciding based on your personal preference:

  1. Durability of fabric – While fabric is a major concern for people looking for seating furniture, it tends to be overlooked when looking for massage chairs, because the buyer thinks the inner motors are more crucial. Indeed, the inner components are important, but the external material is actually that which makes sure you get a truly relaxing experience. Massage chairs typically come in three choice of external material: synthetic leather, vinyl, or real leather. While your eyebrows may rise at the thought of getting real leather, it really is not advisable because it is found to be the fastest to succumb to wear and tear, since the massaging components move actively and result in the leather getting rubbed and degraded. For the most durable fabric, you can opt for synthetic leather or vinyl, with vinyl being the easiest to maintain but unfortunately coming with the cheapest feel, too.
  2. Recline position – The recline position described in massage chairs tend to be subjective, as a partial recline or a full recline may not mean the same angles based on different manufacturers. A general guideline, though, is that a full recline refers to a recline angle of more than 170 degrees, whereas a partial recline is any angle less than that. When looking for a massage chair, consider how much recline you would want, and then look for chairs that meet your preference. With massage chairs that recline, an accompanying ottoman will likely add to the comfort, such as in the case of the Aosom Office/Recliner Massage Chair with Ottoman.
  3. Seat depth and width – Most massage chairs come with seat widths that average about 20 to 22 inches, with depth measuring between 17 to 22 inches. This is a crucial thing to consider for users who are relatively smaller or larger than average, since the depth of the chair also affects the length of the leg and wind up compromising leg rest features. If a chair is too deep, a small person will only get to use the leg rest while in the upright position, which means he may not be able to relax fully. For example, the HT Massage Chair was described as a massage chair that was great for people with relatively smaller statures, like women or shorter men, which was likely due to the depth of the chair.
  4. Controls and functions – When looking for a massage chair, you need to consider what controls and functions are non-negotiable for you. Some chairs feature manual controls for adjusting the back and the leg rest, while others can come with power-automated controls for these. Also, the different massage adjustment may also be controlled via a wired or wireless remote control. For example, the Comfort Products Ten Motor Massage Cushion with Heat is a massage cushion that you can install on any lazy chair in the home or in your car seat, and you can easily control the functions using a wired, hand-held controller.

These are the main things you need to consider when looking for a massage chair. When you seriously look into your personal preferences when it comes to these factors, chances are, you will find several options for the best massage chair for your needs. Remember, no one else can decide it for you, because only you know exactly how you want to be massaged and relaxed. Just as you have your own personal preferences for a manual massage, so you should also pay attention to these preferences when choosing a massage chair to invest in.