Aosom Office/Recliner Massage Chair with Ottoman

The Aosom Office/Recliner Massage Chair with Ottoman will make everyone ready and excited to head out to their office to work and relax in their chair at the same time. This chair can be set up at the office, at home, or any other room that you would like it to be. It comes with a remote control that you can insert in its side pocket so that you can easily access it and control settings for its 9 pre programmed massage modes. On top of that, the chair is comfortable to sit on with its PU leather. There is heat that goes through to the lumbar areas and even on the ottoman. This chair can turn 360 degrees and can recline. It is under code I3233.

Aosom Office/Recliner Massage Chair with Ottoman Review:

The less than 20 customers who reviewed this chair gave it an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5. Almost 50% of the customers, at 47%, gave this chair a high score of 5. The other reviewers thought it best to score it lower.

The customers who liked this massager did so because it came at a great price with great performance. Many customers liked it because of its vibration. One customer exclaimed that she was spoiled and thought it a good idea to also spoil herself while sitting on this chair. Some customers bought it for family members who liked it because it was solid and a reviewer shared that it was perfect for her father who is not as tall. He liked it because it can recline and has an ottoman. One customer thought that the chair was comfortable enough and liked the heat especially in the lower back area. Others also found that the massage and heat in the back was very effective.

This massager did not perform as long or as expected by many of the customers. Others were not happy when this item no longer worked after a few months. Some complained that the padding wasn’t thick enough and the massaging hurt them more than helped them. A reviewer also reported that this chair might be better for taller people because the massaging will not be able to reach the neck and other parts of the body. In addition, numerous customers complained about the instructions which were not clearly given and therefore made it difficult to put the chair together. A customer shared that if his chair will be able to last for a year then that is when he would consider it a good buy.

Based on the average customer rating and the reviews, we think that this massage chair is an excellent piece of furniture to have whether you want to use it at home or at the office. It will always be nice to have a few minutes of relaxation to relieve tense muscles or just to help freshen you up for the next few hours of work. We believe that this chair at its price is of great value and highly recommend it.

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